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FMLN National Sexual Diversity Collective waves large LGBTI flag at the party's 36th National Convention. Photo: CISPES

Marzo 14, 2019
Founded in 2017, the FMLN National Sexual Diversity Collective centers the experiences and demands of the LGBTI community within the party and its platform. Read more >>

The new administration’s foreign policy priorities will be to “evaluate” the country’s diplomatic ties to Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and China, which, along with Palestine, are the countries where the FMLN’s opposition to U.S. intervention have frequently gotten them into hot water with the United States.

Febrero 20, 2019
After outspending all opponents Nayib Bukele, who ran on the right-wing Grand Alliance for National Unity (GANA) ticket, was elected president of El Salvador. Read more >>
Febrero 6, 2019
CISPES representatives share observations as international observers for El Salvador’s 2019 presidential elections. Read more >>

Representatives of U.S. organizations serving as international observers for El Salvador’s presidential elections warn that aggression from the Trump Administration could have an effect on Salvadoran voters. Photo: Diario Co Latino

Enero 31, 2019
Repeated threats to cut aid signal a return to fear-mongering tactics to support conservative factions in El Salvador Read more >>

Thirty-nine Members of Congress called on Secretary Pompeo to issue a public statement of neutrality in advance of El Salvador's 2019 Presidential Election. Photo: CISPES

Enero 31, 2019
House Members called on the State Department to publicly adopt a position of neutrality. Read more >>
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"Apoyo a CISPES porque continuar la lucha para la justicia social y un pais enfocado en el pueblo significa continuar el sueno y sacrificio de miles de mis compatriotas Salvadoreñas que dieron su vida por esta visión. - Padre Carlos, New York City