November 25, 2015
Successful referendum puts municipality of Arcatao among the few official Mining-Free Territories in El Salvador Read more >>
November 17, 2015
On Monday, November 9, El Salvador was host to an unusual meeting of some of the continent’s wealthiest and most influential... Read more >>
Dozens of well-dressed protesters hold signs against corruption

A right-wing rally on Sept. 5 in San Salvador (Contrapunto/ Jessica Orellana)

November 16, 2015
(h/t The Salvadoran Right is copying anti-corruption movements in Guatemala – is it all just a political smokescreen? Read more >>

Delegates at the FMLN's First National Convention sing the party anthem. (Photo: Diario CoLatino / Josué Parada)

November 13, 2015
This past weekend, I had the privilege to address thousands of delegates gathered for the FMLN’s first National Congress in El... Read more >>


November 12, 2015
Last week, former President of El Salvador Francisco Flores faced his first day in court... Read more >>
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