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CISPES calls upon the governments of Mexico, Central America, and the United States to respect the integrity, dignity, and rights of all migrants and asylum seekers and to end the repressive, exploitative policies that force poor and working people to migrate in order to survive.

November 1, 2018
CISPES expresses its most profound solidarity with the migrant caravans that have banded together for safety as they make their... Read more >>
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A participant in the Ministry of Education's National Literacy program shows off her newly learned reading skills to members of a CISPES delegation.

October 31, 2018
President Salvador Sánchez-Cerén has managed to create a sustainable economy, while at the same time lowering the rates of extreme poverty in just four years. Read more >>

Popular protests composed of nearly all sectors of Salvadoran society have maintained a nearly-constant presence in the streets to defend the country's scarce water resources from privatization. Photo: Water Forum (Foro Del Agua)

October 29, 2018
Social movement organizations remain united in their opposition to corporate control of water Read more >>
Press Release
October 25, 2018
Salvadorans living abroad express support for candidates who support the General Water Law Read more >>
October 19, 2018
CISPES is devastated by the news that our dear compañero David Ayala Zamora passed away on October 17. As a young union organizer... Read more >>
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