Action Alert: Call President Obama TODAY while he is in El Salvador!!

Tell Obama NOT to allow corporations to sue governments.  

PresidentObama is in El Salvador RIGHT NOW discussing economic assistance for ElSalvador's struggling economy. Does it make sense that a lawsuit by the Pacific Rim miningcorporation is trying to take $77 million dollars away from El Salvador?  Of course not!!  This lawsuit, which is brought under the "investor protections" provisions of the US-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), is claiming El Salvador owes Pacific Rim enormous "lost profits" because the Salvadoran government and people rejected its mining permits in defense of the environment. The Salvadoran social movement is mobilizing to demand that the US stop its interventionist policies, of which CAFTA is one example, and respect Central American sovereignty. As a candidate Obama promised to remove the rights of corporations to sue governments from trade agreements- it's time he takes action!


Join membersof the United States Congress and the 150 organizations from around thehemisphere in telling Obama that "free trade" should not mean free money for transnational corporations. 

1. CallPresident Obama at 202-456-1111 and tell him to make good on his campaign promise to stop the ability of corporations to sue governments. You can use the script below.

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