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Hot off the presses! Check out the Fall 2018 issue of CISPES' quarterly newsletter, El Salvador Watch.

You can read the newsletter online here as a PDF or check out individual articles below:

  • El Salvador's 2019 Presidential Elections Approach by CISPES (Full Article)
  • A Personal Reflection on the Radical Roots Delegation by Mellissa Linton Villafranco (Full Article)
  • El Salvador Celebrates 100th Municipality Free of Illiteracy by CISPES (Full Article)
  • Having Fun and Building Community at CISPES Summer Camp: A reflection by Daniel Saravia Umana (Full Article)



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The new administration’s foreign policy priorities will be to “evaluate” the country’s diplomatic ties to Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and China, which, along with Palestine, are the countries where the FMLN’s opposition to U.S. intervention have frequently gotten them into hot water with the United States.

Representatives of U.S. organizations serving as international observers for El Salvador’s presidential elections warn that aggression from the Trump Administration could have an effect on Salvadoran voters. Photo: Diario Co Latino