Radical Roots Delegation - June 19-27


Please join us for the CISPES Radical Roots Delegation! June 19-27, 2010   download:

The Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) is organizing a delegation this winte that will be specifically tailored for Salvadoran and Salvadoran-American young adults over the age of 18. This trip will provide you with an intimate reconnection to your own heritage and familial background, and will tie these experiences to an understanding of the multi-faceted political and social issues that the country faces today. This trip will be crafted so that you will: � connect to Salvadoran culture � learn about the history and present-day reality of the struggle for social and economic justice in El Salvador � analyze US economic intervention, the �free-trade� model, and their impacts on the lives of real people � build leadership skills for progressive organizing � cultivate a political and personal understanding of identity in terms of Immigration status, race, culture, and class both in the US and in El Salvador � develop an investment in the political future of El Salvador, as well as in the role of those living in the US in shaping that future Cost: Between $1,300 and $1,750, depending on travel costs Partial scholarships are available. Please contact your local coordinator for details; also feel free to contact [email protected] in the National Office if you have questions.

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