Salvadoran Migration Perspectives


According to official reports, 52,000 children have been apprehended at the US border since October 2013, the majority from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Many make the perilous journey in order to reunite with family from whom they have been separated for years. In the United States, the debate has ranged from vitriolic racism to compassionate calls to welcome the children with open arms and end all deportations. But the voices from the Central American peoples and governments are missing from many of the conversations. To let these voices be heard, CISPES, Sister Cities, and the SHARE Foundation hosted a webinar. You can see the video Blanca Flor Bonilla of the International Relations Secretariat of the FMLN who was one of the participants on the webinar here. This is a unique opportunity to hear analysis directly from leaders in El Salvador about this important issue.

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