Solidarity Delegates Accompany 80,000-Strong San Salvador May Day March!


Yesterday, the organized Salvadoran left came out in force in celebration of May 1, International Workers Day. Over 80,000 members of labor, student, peasant, LGBTQ, feminist, indigenous and environmental organizations, accompanied by the leftist FMLN party, took to the streets in a united rejection of the US-sponsored Public-Private Partnership Law. The law proposes a mechanism to privatize all state services and industries, including water, higher education, ports and healthcare. Additional demands from yesterday's impressive demonstration of social movement unity included: increases in the private sector minimum wage and a rejection of the right-wing's legal challenges to the new Medicine Law, which El Salvador's Supreme Court is currently ruling on. The CISPES Labor Solidarity Delegation also took to the streets, marching with domestic workers and sex workers - two new worker organizing campaigns of  long-time CISPES labor allies, the Salvadoran Union Front (FSS). Delegates and  readers of the major Salvadoran daily, La Prensa Grafica,  kicked off the day's celebration of international working class power by reading a full-page statement signed by 20 US unions and labor organizations, condemning the US push for the Public-Private Partnership Law. MayDaySanSAlCheck out more pictures of the lively, multi-sector May Day march in San Salvador below and more on facebook! Keep up the pressure against the US push for privatization in El Salvador here! ¡Que viva la clase trabajadora! ¡Que viva la solidaridad internacional, sindical! Long live the working class!  Long live international labor solidarity!




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