EAST COAST: Youth of El Salvador November Speaking Tour



When border detention centers filled with children and families this summer, politicians finally started talking about the violence and economic inequality that have displaced millions of Central Americans. Some in the US government think that military funding is the solution. But the new government of El Salvador understands that investment in healthcare, education and equality is the path to make sure families can safely stay in their communities. Come learn what role young people are playing to build an alternative, and how you can help!

This November CISPES is proud to host Roberto Escobar, a youth worker from El Salvador's revolutionary government for a discussion about how young people in El Salvador are addressing the root causes of forced migration through youth participation, community action and violence prevention.

Roberto is Director of Education for El Salvador's National Youth Institute (INJUVE), which works to promote the holistic development of young people as strategic actors in the country’s development through programs in education, job training and placement, healthcare promotion, recreation and cultural activities, violence prevention, political participation and community organizing. Click HERE for Roberto's biography.

Join Roberto at an event in your city! Itinerary: Sunday, November 16: New York City, NY Monday, November 17: New York City, NY Tuesday, November 18: Washington, DC

  • 4:00 PM @ American University in the Nebraska Formal Lounge, more info here

Wednesday, November 19: Washington, DC

  • 6:30 PM @ St. Stephens Church, more info here

Thursday, November 20: Boston, MA Friday, November 21: Boston, MA Saturday, November 22: Boston, MA

If you are interested in helping plan events in your city or would like to invite one of the tour guests to meet with your union or organizationplease contact the CISPES committee in your city.



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