International Observers' Report on 2006 Elections in El Salvador


Report of the International Observer Mission to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of the Republic of El Salvador concerning the Legislative and Municipal Elections of March 12, 2006

The International Observer Mission (MOI) is comprised of 36 members from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Costa Rica. It is made up of students and professionals who have studied El Salvador‘s electoral system and electoral code. Many members of the MOI have monitored previous elections in El Salvador, Nicaragua, the United States and other countries. In its role of observing El Salvador‘s 2006 legislative and municipal elections, the MOI closely monitored the duration of the electoral campaign and analyzed the legal and political structures surrounding the electoral system.

On March 12, MOI members were present throughout the day — from the set-up of the JRVs at 6:00 in the morning to the transmission of actas at the end of the day — in the following Voting Centers:

Municipality: Mejicanos
Voting Centers:

  • Centro Oriental Uruguay
  • INAM
  • Gimnasio Zacamil
  • Kinder Zacamil
  • Rep

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