Fall Tour 2006 Dates


CISPES Fall Tour Itinerary

Los Angeles, CA October 28-31
contact: Frankie Flores 323 852-0721

San Francisco, CA October 31-Nov. 2
contact: Yeni Solis 415 503-0789

Portland, OR November 2-4
contact: Dan Denvir 503 236 7916

Olympia, WA November 4-6
contact: Josh Elliott 360 943-5344

Seattle, WA November 6-9
contact: Cameron Herrington 206 325 5494

Denver, CO November 9-11
contact: Ricardo Urrutia 720 207-8313

Washington D.C. November 11-13
contact: Karla Ramos 202 422-9986

New York City, NY November 13-15
contact: Taleigh Smith 646 245 9931

Boston, MA November 15-18
contact: Shane Stewart 617-576 1709

Colombus, GA November 18-20
more info at www.soaw.org

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