Going to the USSF in detroit? Want to find ways to connect with CISPESand the Latin American Solidarity movement? Interested in learning fromleaders of the Salvadoran Revolution?

Join CISPES for this workshop at the USSF...

***Banderasde Unidad: What the US left can learn from the Salvadoran Revolution inbuilding a unified grassroots political force

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Hear testimonyfrom Giovanni Chicas long-time FMLN leader about the unification of theSalvadoran social movements in the 60's and 70's. Then join us for adiscussion on what strategies we might be able to implement here in theUS!

Thursday June 24th @ 10am-12noon
Cobo Hall: D2-10
1 Washington BLVD, Detroit

And be sure not to miss out on Latin America Solidarity Coalition's
Peoples Movement Assembly:

Building a Movement to Combat Increased US Militarism

Wednesday June 23rd @ 1pm-5pm
Cobo Hall: D3-19
1 Washington BLVD, Detroit

for more info on Latin America solidarity workshops and spaces go to

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