Take Action in Solidarity with El Salvador!

1. Cut U.S. military and police aid to the right-wing regime in Honduras!

Since Juan Orlando Hernández stole the presidential elections in November 2017, repression against the democratic resistance has only grown worse. The U.S. must be held accountable for its role in financing and training the security forces perpetrating these human rights violations. Call on your Representative to co-sponsor the Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act, which would suspend all U.S. police and military aid.

2. Tell the Senate: Reject Trump's Nominee for U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador!

Call your Senators today to reject Ron Johnson, former military officer and current CIA liaison to the U.S. Armed Forces Southern Command. More militarization will only bring more violence to El Salvador! Spread the word on social media: #rejectronjohnson #endUSmilitarizationofmesoamerica

2. Solidarity with Water Defenders!

Demand that El Salvador's Attorney General - funded and supported by the United States - drop all charges against eight rural leaders who are being criminalized for defending their community water system. It's time for the Attorney General to start prosecuting the real criminals - the corporate elite!

3. Tell Legislators in El Salvador NOT to privatize water!

The right-wing parties in El Salvador's Legislative Assembly are pushing a "Comprehensive Water Law" that would give corporations and private entities decision-making power over the national water system. They need to hear voices around the world echoing the demands of the Salvadoran people: water is a human right and belongs in public hands!

4. Tell your Congressional Representative to Support TPS!

Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a legal status which protects refugees whose home countries have suffered natural disaster or war from deportation, has become a victim of the Trump Administration's war on immigrants. Tell your Representative and Senators to defend the rights of all TPS holders by sponsoring the American Promise Act and the SECURE Act.

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