El Salvador Victory Tour! Support CISPES in bringing two FMLN leaders to the US in June/July


On June 1st, Mauricio Funes of the FMLN will be inaugurated as the first leftist President in the history of El Salvador, vowing to govern with what Monseñor Romero once called a preferential option for the poor.

To celebrate this historic moment, CISPES is sponsoring the ¡Viene el Cambio! (Change is coming!) El Salvador 2009 Victory Tour.  We are only weeks away from the start of the tour and we need your help to take it far and wide!  

 We are bringing two leaders from the Salvadoran social movement to cities across the U.S. to:

1) Celebrate the Salvadoran peoples victory over the fear campaign and electoral fraud of the Salvadoran and US right

2)  Educate the broad US progressive public about the significance of the victory the challenges ahead in building a more just El Salvador and the role that international solidarity can play in this new stage of the struggle

3)  Raise money for Salvadoran social movement organizing projects through CISPES Material Aid

4)  Strengthen ties with other sectors of the US progressive movement, particularly labor unions, immigrant rights organizations, Salvadoran and/or religious community groups. (Please contact CISPES Program Director Elizabeth at [email protected] if you are part of a group that would like to participate)

If you are in Seattle, Olympia, Portland, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Albuquerque or Austin, keep on the lookout for William Hernandez, FMLN deputy to the Central American Parliament from June 6-23! 

If you are in Washington DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Madison or Minneapolis, please join us in welcoming Breny Herrera from the Womens Secretariat of the FMLN from July 6-19!

(Click to read the tour schedule and download flyers)

The total cost for this tour will be around $3000. We have already raised half of it with the support of people like you and we need to raise $1500 more! We just need 15 people to give $100 now so we can finish buying plane tickets - can you be one of them?

As the U.S. social movement struggles to define itself under the Obama administration, this tour is an exciting opportunity to learn about successful organizing strategies that led to this unprecedented victory in El Salvador, both over the right-wing ARENA party and over the political and economic program that the United States has pushed at times through the barrel of a gun. This exploitative system of free trade and privatization is being slowly replaced by people-centered, grassroots alternatives throughout Latin America. Join us during the Victory Tour to learn what made this victory possible and how people like you and me can continue to build a movement for social and economic justice throughout the Americas.

You probably havent been seeing much about these exciting changes in the mainstream news (although you may have been following the great online series What We Want: Voices of the Salvadoran Left) but with your help, we can bring our speakers to as many cities as possible to spread the word about the next leftist government in the Americas. Please make a generous contribution today!

En solidaridad,

Burke Stansbury,

CISPES Executive Director

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