Join us at a protest tomorrow, organized by the Salvadoran community in DC, against El Salvador's actions against the 13 CRIPDES political prisoners and their use of anti-terrorism legislation to repress dissent.
When: Tuesday, July 24, 12:00 - 1:00 PM
Where: Salvadoran embassy (1400 16th Street NW, Washington DC)

[email protected] Compañ[email protected]: Como ustedes saben el pueblo Salvadoreño esta una vez mas bajo una ola de
represion, por lo tanto la respuesta nuestra es inmediata en defensa de los DDHH y exigimos un alto a la represion.

Como una de las acciones el FMLN-DC estaremos mañana a las 12-1, frente a la embajada Salvadoreña 1400 16 St
NW y ademas tendremos una delegacion de religiosos y demas personalidades para entrar y entregar una carta al embajador. Dicha delegacion sera liderada por el Rev: Phil Anderson.
Favor acompañarnos, confirmando su presencia por esta via o llamando a Sonia Umanzor (202)420-7001 trabajo o a mi casa (301)270-2053.
Gracias por su etrna solidaridad.


Unionists, community development activists and residents blocked the streets of Suchitoto on July 2nd, 2007, to protest an announcement by President Tony Saca about a new program to decentralize public services, including water. Fourteen protestors, including 4 members of the group CRIPDES, were forcefully apprehended and placed under arrest. Thirteen of them have now been charged with attempted acts of terrorism, carrying sentences of up to 40-60 years in prison. Human rights groups from around the world have denounced their imprisonment and the exaggerated charges against them. Video footage online, to be viewed by the whole world, shows the capture by National Civilian Police of two CRIPDES executive officers, a journalist, and driver, making it plain that these people's crime was driving down the road to attend a political demonstration.
Though some of the prisoners have been allowed to return home to await their appeal, others remain in prison where they have reportedly been abused and have been living in unfit conditions; i.e. insufficient bedding and overcrowded cells. The government of El Salvador has been receiving mounting international pressure, including an official stance of dissent taken by Amnesty International.

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