Rundown of Observer-Generated Media in Round One of the Elections


One of CISPES’ primary objectives during our round one international observer delegation (January 25th-February 5th) was to generate quality, in-depth media coverage of the Salvadoran elections. Our 70+ observers got to it, and contributed to the creation of over 10 different articles, podcasts, news segments, and interviews during the delegation. What follows is all the observer-generated media coverage posted online that came out of these efforts.

  • "Washington Keeping an Eye on Its 'Backyard.'" Patrick Walsh, an activist and phone banker with the Seattle CISPES chapter, and Ana Fisher, a Salvadoran San Francisco-based activist, are interviewed in a detailed article in Counterpunch outlining El Salvador’s electoral panorama through an understanding of how a global, U.S.-based right has contributed to dirty campaigning, privatization efforts, and an increased homicide rate during election season.
  • "CISPES Observers at Salvadoran Elections 2014." Karl Kramer, a longtime labor and CISPES San Francisco activist, and Carolina Castro, a new addition to New York CISPES from Hoboken, share some comprehensive background on CISPES and on El Salvador’s current electoral landscape, including what CISPES’ anti-interventionist participation has been this electoral season, on this 18 minute podcast from Latin Radical (featuring CISPES exclusively!), a weekly New South Wales, Australia-based radio program.

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