June 18: Anniversary of the death of Marcelo Rivera


Today, June 18th, we solemnly commemorate the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Marcelo Rivera, community leader, FMLN activist and environmental defender from San Isidro, Cabañas. Marcelo and his brother Miguel co-founded the Asociación de Amigos San Isidro, Cabañas. After one year, the Attorney General has not tried anyone for the murder of Marcelo Rivera, despite international pressure from Salvadorans and allies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Speaking at a rally in Washington, DC in May 2010, Miguel Rivera explained that his brother inspired many others to join him “in the trenches” of the struggle for life, dignity and sovereignty and that Marcelo’s spirit lives on in all those who continue to join this struggle. Next week, members of the CISPES Radical Roots delegation will have the privilege of participating in an ecumenical, cultural and political activity with the local grassroots groups in San Isidro. At CISPES, we honor the life and commitment of Marcelo Rivera by demanding an end to the impunity of his and other political assassinations in El Salvador and by standing in solidarity with the people and communities of El Salvador in calling for a national ban on metallic mining and for the self-determination of the Salvadoran people. ¡Marcelo Rivera, presente!

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