Hopetruly triumphed over fear exactly two years ago when the people of El Salvador won an incredible victory with the election of FMLN candidates Mauricio Funes and Salvador Sanchez Cerén as President and Vice President of El Salvador.  After decades of struggle, the people finallydefeated right-wing executive control, held on through war, dictatorship, violent repression, electoral fraud, and intimidation mostof El Salvador’s history. 

CISPESwould like to commemorate this achievement by congratulating the peopleof El Salvador in their tireless fight for justice and to remember all the [email protected] who’ve given their lives to make this victory possible.

Overthe last two years, El Salvador has seen an exciting transformation occur under this new government. From fighting governmental and police corruption, to the expansion of social programs to support poor and working people, to President Funes’ official state apology for the role the Salvadoran government played in the assassination of Archbishop Monseñor Romero 30 years ago, the new FMLN administration is showing that another El Salvador is possible.

CISPESalso acknowledges that continued attacks by US corporations and ongoingplans to expand US military bases and police training across Latin America, pose a serious threat for the ongoing transformation in El Salvador.  Therefore, CISPES reaffirms our commitment today to stand with the people of El Salvador in the face of these and any future attacks against El Salvador’s sovereignty, self-determination and quest for social and economic justice.

¡La lucha continúa!

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