Translation: Email to Salvadoran Legislators from Salvadorans in the Exterior

As a Salvadoran residing in the exterior, I demand a Water Law that guarantees the human right to water!

On this occasion I write to you to demand that as the country faces the COVID19 pandemic you, as a member of the Environmental and Climate Change Commission, support a law that guarantees the human right to water. Some weeks ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus a global pandemic. One of the major recommendations to prevent the spread of this virus is regular hand washing, among other things. This presents a challenge in El Salvador given that over 90% of the country's water supply is contaminated and families continue to have precarious access to clean water sources.

As a Salvadoran in the exterior concerned for the environmental sustainability of my country, health, and the wellbeing of my family and my fellow nationals, I worry that El Salvador still has not approved a law that guarantees the human right to clean and potable water. I echo the demands of the social and environmental movement in El Salvador that, in the face of the global pandemic, are urging you today more than ever, to approve a law that would guarantee protections and an equitable distribution of potable water.

I call on you and all the political parties to meet the demands of the various organization and institutions that as a united civil society have expressed support for a water law that guarantees the human right to water, environmental sustainability in the regulation of water to prevent the further exploitation and contamination of water by corporations, and that would require that the board of directors consist of the public sector and effectively engage civil society.

As a Salvadoran in the exterior I hope to participate in the municipal and legislative elections of 2021. I commit to only give my vote to political parties that guarantee the protection of important natural resources and who assure equal and just access to all Salvadorans as we confront this world crisis.

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