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Click here for information about our recent Salvadoran Labor Leader Tour  & read on for more about the upcoming May Day Labor Delegation to El Salvador.

Today, Salvadoran workers are fighting hard against sweeping US-backed, privatization legislation called the Public-Private Partnership Law, or P3, which would put all El Salvador's public infrastructure, services and utilities on the corporate chopping block (more on the P3 here). Salvadoran unions and social movements have united against this law, calling it "privatization in disguise." They  have made it their highest priority to defend public sector workers, unions, services and industries from the P3 law, which is currently under debate in El Salvador's Legislative Assembly. The US Ambassador to El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte, has been vigorously pushing the Salvadoran government to pass this law, even threatening to block $368 million in Millennium Challenge Corporation development aid to El Salvador if the P3 law is not passed.  Our labor allies in El Salvador are calling on unionists, labor activists and progressives in the US to condemn this blatant act of US intervention! Sign this online petition today to denounce the US strong-arm tactics to force the P3 in El Salvador. 

 Join the May Day Labor Solidarity Delegation to El Salvador!

Application deadline: April 1 Download a flyerinfosheet and application // Email [email protected] for more information. Dates: April 27 - May 4, 2013. Who is invited: Union members and officers, labor activists and allies, and EVERYONE interested in supporting El Salvador's rank-and-file, progressive labor movement. What you will do:

  • Share strategies to defend the public sector and union jobs with Salvadoran union leaders.
  • Speak out against US economic and political intervention.
  • Learn about labor organizing and building popular power under the country’s FIRST leftist government.
  • Take to the streets with over 75,000 workers on International Workers’ Day!

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