Call on El Salvador’s Supreme Court to permit Beatriz to receive a life-saving abortion!


Beatriz is a 22-year old mother who is 20 weeks pregnant with a fetus that has developed without a brain and will most likely not survive birth. Due to serious health conditions, Beatriz's life is at risk should she give birth. Her doctors have recommended a therapeutic abortion be carried out immediately, yet they are unable to do so because of El Salvador's no-exceptions abortion ban. The country's ban is among the strictest in the world. Beatriz and her doctors risk prison time if they move forward with the abortion, recommended by doctors 2 months ago. Read the full background on the case here. El Salvador's Supreme Court has been reviewing Beatriz's case for 4 weeks, while her life hangs in the balance. The Supreme Court has the power to decide if Beatriz's doctors can perform an abortion without criminal penalties and create the first exception to the ultra-conservative abortion ban. Click here to take action NOW to tell the Court that saving lives should not be illegal! Stand with the Salvadoran Ministry of Health, reproductive rights groups in El Salvador and Beatriz's friends and family in calling on the Supreme Court to: 1) Urgently resolve the case in order to guarantee Beatriz's right to health and life, according to the statement from the Medical Committee at the Maternity Hospital, thus guaranteeing that Beatriz and the intervening medical professionals can proceed according to their medical and ethical criteria without being processed criminally. 2) Support the decision of the authorities at the Ministry of Health and the medical personnel at the Maternity Hospital in acting according to scientific criteria that calls for the termination of the pregnancy.

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