JR Minister of Information's Reportback on Recent CISPES delegation to El Salvador


Tuesday, July 29th @ 7pm
3030B 16th St. @ Mission St.

$5-15 suggested donation.

JR Minister of Information's Slideshow & Reportback on Recent
CISPES delegation to El Salvador

For ten days inJune, Prisoners of Conscience Committee members Chairman Fred HamptonJr. and JR Minister of Information met with youth radio, socialmovement groups, and leaders of the FMLN party in El Salvador.

Come out in support and solidarity with P.O.C.C. and Salvadoran resistance to police, economic, and electoral repression.

JR MOI will give updates on recent political violence andassassinations in Suchitoto and Usulutan, the work of revolutionaryradio journalists Radio Zurda, and SETA water workers' struggle againstwaterprivatization.

revolutionary music and poetry
food & drinks too!

Bay Area CISPES 3012 16th St. #205 San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 503-0789 [email protected] www.cispes.org

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