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A geothermal plant in the community of La Calera, Zunil, Quetzaltenango, in the Guatemalan highlands. It is owned by an Israeli company, and is an example of the kind of infrastructure that could be promoted through América Crece. When this plant was built in the early 1990s a test bore collapsed, leading to a landslide that killed 25 people. Photo by Jeff Abbott.

October 8, 2020
Article by Jeff Abbott The Growth in the Americas initiative “is a new Plan Puebla Panamá” We have quietly entered a new era of... Read more >>

Image: ARPAS - Communications Secretary of the Presidency
(Red Informativa Arpas-Secretaría de Comunicaciones de la Presidencia)

September 24, 2020
On September 21, a review of internal archives at a military base in San Francisco Gotera related to one of the most notorious... Read more >>
Press Release
September 16, 2020
Following Monday’s 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals TPS decision, CISPES affirms its solidarity with the TPS community and all... Read more >>

Credit: Presidential Press Secretary of El Salvador

September 11, 2020
On August 21, Defense Minister of El Salvador, René Merino Monroy, testified before legislators to give an official account of... Read more >>
July 30, 2020
On July 15, the House Committee on Appropriations delivered an initial blow to some of the Trump Administration’s latest and most... Read more >>
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