Magistrate Ulises Rivas in front of the Supreme Court. (Photo: El Salvador Noticias)

Marzo 9, 2017
This is the latest action by the Court that has supported the right wing Read more >>
Febrero 23, 2017
Esta semana, CISPES se unió con 280 organizaciones en los cinco continentes para enviar una declaración al Presidente y al... Read more >>
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On January 1 workers in El Salvador won a big increase in the minimum wage—in some cases doubling their pay. But before they had time to celebrate, the multinational companies who thrive on the country’s still-low wages counterattacked with mass layoffs, judicial maneuvers, and a bid to undermine the eight-hour day. Photo: CISPES

Febrero 17, 2017
Featured Article from Labor Notes!
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Magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Jesús Ulises Rivas Sánchez, calls on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the OAS to pronounce itself in defense of the civil and political rights of public functionaries in light of recent attempts by the Supreme Court to limit constitutional liberties. Photo:

Febrero 14, 2017
Jesus Rivas of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal came to Washington DC to denounce overreaches by the Constitutional Chamber. Read more >>
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An demonstrator holds a sign condemning the toxicity of metals mining in El Salvador after an anti-mining coalition presented a proposal to block mining in 2013. Photo: EFE via Telesur

Febrero 8, 2017
The religious leader of the Catholic-majority country stressed that there must be legislation to outlaw mining in order to ensure the negative consequences are avoided in the future. Read more >>
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