Material Support to Salvadoran Social Movement

As part of our solidarity with El Salvador's organized social movement, CISPES raises money to send directly to Salvadoran grassroots groups on the frontlines of the struggle.
In El Salvador, the popular social movement and the FMLN are organizing and mobilizing to defend the advances of the last seven years from ongoing and intensifying attacks. As the second FMLNadministration continues to push forward its progressive agenda of investing in social programs for the country’s impoverished majority and building strong, transparent, and participatory institutions, El Salvador’s economic elite, extreme right wing, and US intervention threaten to reverse the transformations. The country’s popular social movement will be critical in responding to local destabilization tactics like economic boycotts, media disinformation campaigns, and institutional attacks from the right wing judiciary as well as defending human rights, the environment, and national sovereignty in the face of the US’s aggressive regional agenda of militarization and corporate plunder. Join CISPES in supporting women-led, worker-led, youth-led, and community-based organizing!

Funds raised for the 2016-2017 Material Aid Docket will support the work of these organizations:

  • THE FMLN WOMEN’S SECRETARIAT - Women in El Salvador are hit hardest by socioeconomic exclusion, violence, and marginalization. The FMLN Women’s Secretariat develops strategies and policies to advance women’s leadership on these issues, promote women’s political participation, and empower women to assert their rights at home, in their communities, and in society. Funds will support leadership trainings and local assemblies that serve to build class and gender consciousness rooted in participants’ own experiences.
  • THE SALVADORAN SOCIAL AND UNION FRONT (FSS) - This coalition of more than 1 50 unions and community groups was founded as “the working class’ instrument for struggle” and will be mobilizing to defend workers against USbacked economic policies and organizing to defend the government and its social programs against destabilization and attacks. Funds will support trainings for new union organizers to learn about El Salvador’s labor history and gain leadership, organizing, and collective bargaining skills.
  • THE FMLN YOUTH SECRETARIAT - One of the FMLN’s priorities is to re-integrate Salvadoran youth, who’ve suffered decades of marginalization and violence, into political and social organizing. They are working to advance community-based programs that give youth opportunities beyond migrating or becoming involved in a gang. Funds will help the Youth Secretariat organize Political Formation Schools across the country to encourage youth to educate themselves, organize, and mobilize to support and defend the social advances made by the FMLN government.
  • ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN UNIONISTS “FEBE ELIZABETH VELÁZQUEZ” - Las Febes, as they call themselves, seeks to encourage the participation and leadership of women in union spaces and bring a feminist analysis to El Salvador’s labor movement. This women-led association provides support and trainings for women, primarily domestic, maquila, and sex workers who are already union leaders, want to join a union, or create one. Funds will support a Feminist Union School that will train women unionists and new leaders in feminist theory, union history, and leadership skills.
  • STRATEGIC ORGANIZING FUND - This fund is a resource for the grassroots organizations leading the struggle against pro-corporate policies that promote exploitation, so-called ‘development’ projects, right-wing destabilization efforts, and US intervention and border militarization efforts. Funds will pay for materials, transport, permits, strike funds, etc. should the need arise for mass mobilization to defend wages, land, resources, migrants, workers, and national sovereignty.

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