CISPES Solidarity Delegation to El Salvador



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CISPES SolidarityDelegation to El Salvador: April 27 — May 7, 2007

Join CISPES as weaccompany labor unions, student and women‘s groups, and other communityorganizations in preparation for the massive, annual May Day (InternationalWorkers‘ Day) march. The right-wing Salvadoran government, with the vocalbacking of the U.S. Ambassador, has recently implemented a number of laws thatthreaten social organizations‘ ability to organize, conflating organizing andprotest with terrorism. Nonetheless, Salvadorans continue to organize tocreate a better future, working to reverse the effects of CAFTA, organizingagainst the privatization of water and health care, working to stop thedestruction of communities and the environment created by mining and dams, andbuilding alternative forms of government and people‘s power from the ground up.

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