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January 26, 2022
Martyred Jesuit priest Rutilio Grande, alongside Manuel Solorzano, Nelson Rutilio Lemus, and Cosme Spessoto, were beatified in a ceremony on January 22, in San Salvador. pagina_852_carta-rutilio.pdf Read more >>

Organizations that make up the National Roundtable against Metallic Mining in El Salvador hold a press conference alerting the population to the risk of a return to metal mining. Photo credit: Mesa Nacional frente a la Minería Metálica en El Salvador.

December 21, 2021
Coalition issues warning regarding the intention of the Bukele administration to permit metal mining in El Salvador, reversing the ban passed unanimously in 2017. Read more >>
December 16, 2021
Detention of community leaders part of a larger strategy to criminalize human rights defenders who oppose the administration's pro-corporate policies Read more >>

A spray-painted message left after an anti-privatization march in San Salvador: "Water belongs to the people." Image credit: CISPES

November 30, 2021
Environmental and popular movement organizations sound alarm over various privatizing aspects Read more >>
Press Release

Attorney General's office raids the offices of Las Melidas, Pro-Vida, and five other Salvadoran NGOs

Image: Las Melidas Twitter

November 23, 2021
Salvadoran police raided offices of human rights and feminist organizations while legislature seeks to hamper opposition groups from receiving international support Read more >>
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