April 8, 2021
As CISPES, we are profoundly saddened by the murder of Victoria Esperanza Salazar Arriaza at the hands of police in Tulum, Mexico... Read more >>

Student associations help lead a pilgrimage in San Salvador to commemorate 41 years since the assassination of Archbishop Romero. Photo credit: CISPES

March 24, 2021
41 years after Romero's assassination, students and farmers march in San Salvador while CISPES echoes Romero's call for the U.S. to respect the self-determination of the Salvadoran people as “autonomous” agents of change Read more >>

Soldiers walk near their quarters at the Chalatenango border, El Salvador. Photo credit: Radio YSUCA, Kenia Gómez

March 19, 2021
Radio YSUCA in El Salvador provides a portrait of life in rural Arcatao following President Bukele’s deployment of military forces to patrol the border with Honduras Read more >>
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White sign with blue letters that reads TSE

Photo credit: ARPAS

March 6, 2021
An unlawful ruling will permit political parties to vote on final elections results Read more >>
Two people stand in a doorway as one person wearing a military uniform approaches followed by another person with a teal vest with GANA (previously Nuevas Ideas logo) carrying a box marked with Salvadoran government logo.

Military accompanied by GANA or Nuevas Ideas (logo on vest used to be Nuevas Ideas) party members deliver a box of goods to Salvadoran families in violation of campaign laws.

March 2, 2021
The 2021 legislative, municipal and Central American parliamentary elections took place in El Salvador on February 28... Read more >>
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