February 13, 2020: CISPES joined the Real News Network to shed light on President Bukele's recent show of force

February 25, 2020
Yesenia Portillo on the recent use of police and military to intimidate lawmakers in El Salvador Read more >>


February 20, 2020
Bukele administration called to task for mismanagement of drinking water crisis in San Salvador Read more >>
Press Release

Salvadorans and allies gather in Los Angeles to denounce Bukele's use of military to coerce legislature into approving additional security funding (Photo: Los Angeles CISPES)

February 10, 2020
For immediate release

A masked and heavily armed member of the armed forces patrols the area outside the Legislative Assembly, while other troops occupy the chamber within.

February 10, 2020
Following an executive order to convene the Salvadoran legislature for an extraordinary session with the sole purpose of approving funding for his security plan, President Bukele militarized the Legislative Assembly. Read more >>
Press Release
January 24, 2020
CISPES is proud to join religious, human rights, and solidarity organizations to denounce threats against the Scalabrini Mission... Read more >>
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