April 8, 2021
As CISPES, we are profoundly saddened by the murder of Victoria Esperanza Salazar Arriaza at the hands of police in Tulum, Mexico... Read more >>

Student associations help lead a pilgrimage in San Salvador to commemorate 41 years since the assassination of Archbishop Romero. Photo credit: CISPES

March 24, 2021
41 years after Romero's assassination, students and farmers march in San Salvador while CISPES echoes Romero's call for the U.S. to respect the self-determination of the Salvadoran people as “autonomous” agents of change Read more >>

Photo credits: Marchello Galicia, La Voz de Mi Gente 92.1FM

March 23, 2021
On March 22, the National Alliance against Water Privatization led a march to demand a law to protect the human right to water Read more >>

Soldiers walk near their quarters at the Chalatenango border, El Salvador. Photo credit: Radio YSUCA, Kenia Gómez

March 19, 2021
Radio YSUCA in El Salvador provides a portrait of life in rural Arcatao following President Bukele’s deployment of military forces to patrol the border with Honduras Read more >>
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White sign with blue letters that reads TSE

Photo credit: ARPAS

March 6, 2021
An unlawful ruling will permit political parties to vote on final elections results Read more >>
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