October 31, 2020
Recent increase of troops at El Salvador-Honduras border raises red flags Read more >>

Foto: Presidencia de la República

October 13, 2020
Carmen Milena Mayorga de Monterrosa, a National Republican Alliance (ARENA) party legislator elected in 2018, has become the new diplomatic representative for El Salvador in the United States. Read more >>
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A geothermal plant in the community of La Calera, Zunil, Quetzaltenango, in the Guatemalan highlands. It is owned by an Israeli company, and is an example of the kind of infrastructure that could be promoted through América Crece. When this plant was built in the early 1990s a test bore collapsed, leading to a landslide that killed 25 people. Photo by Jeff Abbott.

October 8, 2020
Co-Published with Toward Freedom , journalist Jeff Abbott explores the "new Plan Puebla Panama." Read more >>

Image: ARPAS - Communications Secretary of the Presidency
(Red Informativa Arpas-Secretaría de Comunicaciones de la Presidencia)

September 24, 2020
President Bukele's ‘health cordon’ blocks access for experts appointed to carry out the archive search at military base. Read more >>
Press Release
September 16, 2020
Following Monday’s 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals TPS decision, CISPES affirms its solidarity with the TPS community and all... Read more >>
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