ACTION ALERT: Tell Pacific Rim to withdraw its shameful lawsuit and leave El Salvador!


May 27 International Day of Action against Mining and Free Trade in El Salvador

Today activists across North America are hitting the streets to protest Pacific Rim and its outrageous multimillion dollar lawsuit against El Salvador. Since its gold mines were rejected by the government and people of El Salvador, Vancouver-based Pacific Rim has resorted to the US-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) to sue the Salvadoran government for hundreds of millions of dollars in alleged 'lost profits'. Equally concerning are the death threats and assassinations that have plagued anti-mining leaders of the rural department of Cabanas - the site of Pacific Rim's flagship mine.

This coming Monday May 31, a closed-door World Bank tribunal will decide whether Pacific Rim's case against El Salvador will move forward.  In protest of these proceedings, the Salvadoran anti-mining movement and broad sectors of the social movement are mounting a National Week in Defense of Water and the Environment to defend El Salvador's natural resources, land and communities from the greedy clutches of multinationals like Pacific Rim.  Stand in solidarity with these struggles against corporate extortion, neocolonialism and environmental destruction in Latin America today!


Our goal is to make 500 calls and send 500 faxes to Pacific Rim today!

Click here to call Pacific Rim and demand that the company drop the lawsuit and leave El Salvador!

Click here to send Pacific Rim's President and CEO a fax!

Thank you for taking action!

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