International Day of Action against the Honduran coup


August 11 is an international day of action against the ongoing coup in Honduras.  CISPES is joining  other organizations in continuing to demand that the US government take proper action to bring about the reinstatement of president Manuel Zelaya.  Clearly the Obama Administration is feeling the pressure to do more, based on statements at a recent press conference in Guadalajara, Mexico.

As the coup regime in Honduras holds on to power, the U.S. response has grown weaker and more hypocritical.  While the US revoked some visas of coup leaders in late July, shortly thereafter the State Department came out blaming Zelaya for the coup and its subsequent violent fallout, thereby justifying increased repression by the de facto Micheletti regime.

Human rights violations have continued in Honduras, with anti-coupprotesters attached, jailed and in some cases killed.  Actions by theNational Front of Resistance Against the Coup in Honduras havecontinued, including strikes, marches, and road blockades.  To coincidewith the culmination of a multi-day march, the National Front declaredAugust 11 a “Global Day of Action for Honduras.”  CISPES's partners inEl Salvador are joining with Honduran social movement groups to callfor solidarity with their efforts to restore democracy in their country.

Take action!

1) Demand that the Obama Administration join the rest of theinternational community in taking serious steps to restore democracy toHonduras.

These include:

    * Revoke U.S. visas and freeze bank accounts of those involved in the coup.
    * Cease all operations and recall all personnel from the Palmerola military base.
    * Recall US Ambassador Llorens as required by law in the event of a coup.
    * Join the nations of UNASUR in declaring that the U.S. will notrecognize any election results in Honduras unless Zelaya is previouslyreinstated as President.
    * Cut off U.S. economic assistance for “election support” to the coup regime in Honduras.*

2. Call 202 224-3121 and tell your representative to sign on to theletter by Congressman Raul Grijalva, the strongest condemnation of thecoup by US officials.  Also tell them to support House Resolution 630,currently with 44 cosponsors, which raises many important demands,including that President Zelaya be immediately reinstated as Honduras’slegitimate leader.  (You can also go to SOA Watch's website to send anemail directly to your reps.)

*Demands taken from Quixote Center website

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