Another death-squad style murder and youth disappearance


On Monday, September 25, the body of Father Ricardo Antonio Romero - parish priest of Santa Catarina Masahuat in the department of Sonsonate - was found on the highway to Acajutla. Father Ricardo was recognized as a priest who identified with the opposition and carried out the preferential option for the poor. Because there were no signs of robbery at the crime scene, and because of his promotion of organizing and popular struggle, many believe that it was a politically motivated murder.

In another case at the other end of the country, 18-year old Luis Edgardo Osorto Gomez has been missing since Sunday morning, when he left his house to facilitate a youth meeting in Santa Rosa de Lima, department of La Union. Luis Edgardo is a student at the National Institute of Santa Rosa, and son of a recognized FMLN activist in the area. His father had been receiving threatening calls in the previous weeks, in which he was told he was a stubborn lefty and that his son would pay. Luis Edgardo had also reported being followed by a black car with no license plates. He had been organizing a youth group, from which all the leaders have since deserted due to safety concerns.

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