CISPES Fall Tour - Salvadoran Youth: Organizing in the New Era of Struggle


Mark your calendar for the CISPES 2011 National Tour in October and November! For the first time in 500 years, the Salvadoran government is serving the poor, excluded majority. Come hear an FMLN youth leader of El Salvador’s left party discuss:

  • How youth are stepping up to win justice & dignity for all Salvadorans
  • What’s at stake in the 1st elections since the 2009 victory
  • How YOU can be part of El Salvador’s transformation!

Check out the great events in your city with these young leaders of the Salvadoran struggle!  Contact the local chapter to find out more event information. Go here for East Coast tour and here for West Coast tour. With Margarito Nolasco                        and                                                   Cristina Cornejo            

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"I am a CISPES supporter because continuing to fight for social justice and a more people-centered country means continuing the dream and sacrifice of thousands of my fellow Salvadorans who died for that vision.” - Padre Carlos, New York City

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