East Coast Labor Solidarity Tour


Jaime Rivera, a long-time leader in El Salvador's union movement and a member of the Electrical Sector Workers Union (STSEL) Executive Board, will be touring cities on the East Coast of the United States from February 3-9, 2013 as part of CISPES' Labor Solidarity Tour.

During his visit, Mr. Rivera hopes to forge new solidarity ties with US labor groups and activists to share experiences, perspectives and strategies in the transnational fight for workers’ rights and dignity as his union and its allies prepare to face off against a proposed Public-Private Partnership law.

Click here to download a bio of Jaime Rivera with information about the STSEL union. The CISPES Labor Solidarity Tour and Mr. Rivera will be visiting these cities on the East Coast:

If you are interested in helping plan events in your city or would like to invite Mr. Rivera to meet with your union or organization, please contact the CISPES committee in your city.

To get updates as events are planned, follow the Labor Solidarity Tour on Twitter or Facebook.

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