Joe Biden's Victory in the U.S. Elections

Press Release

The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), the SHARE Foundation, Voices on The Border and the U.S. - El Salvador Sister Cities Network regarding President Elect Joe Biden's victory on November 7 manifests the hope that the hate speech, racism and xenophobia normalized throughout the administration of President Donald Trump will end.

At the same time, as organizations that, for decades, have accompanied the struggle of the Salvadoran people for a more just society, we echo the changes that partners in popular movement's hope to see:

  1. That the sovereignty of El Salvador finally be respected and that the US diplomatic representation stop intervening in the decisions of the Salvadoran government.
  2. That aid to El Salvador cease to be conditioned on the implementation of policies that seek to minimize the role of the Salvadoran government in its own affairs and a complicit silence in the face of abuses committed against deported Salvadorans.
  3. That mechanisms be provided for the Salvadoran community in the United States to legalize their situation and to respect international treaties regarding asylum applications.
  4. That the abuses committed at the border against all migrants be investigated and, especially, the reports of sterilizations and disappearances of children who were separated from their parents even before Donald Trump’s "Zero Tolerance" policy was official.

Finally, we want to emphasize that the only way to reduce undocumented migration to the United States is by changing the neoliberal model, cutting military aid and honoring the human rights of migrants and, therefore, investing in human development, in the eradication of poverty and in policies that address the structural causes of violence and strengthen democracy.

We reaffirm to the Salvadoran people our commitment to accompany their struggles for social and economic justice, where their rights to a decent life are respected. Today as always, we will continue to be vigilant that the dangerous actions of the past are not repeated because they have already caused so much pain in El Salvador.





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