NYC event! Latin America After the Honduran Coup


The Obama Doctrine?:
Latin America After the Honduran Coup
Toward democracy as in El Salvador, or back to the past.

Wednesday, July 15
7:30 pm
The Brecht Forum
West Greenwich Village
451 West Street (that's the West Side Highway) between Bank & Bethune Streets

Audelia Guadalupe Lopez de Kleutgens, Roberto Lovato, and Andres Conteris

As the people of Honduras struggle to hang on to their democracy andthe rest of Latin America and the world condemn the military coup, willthe US accept the status quo? Or will there be real pressure to restoreconstitutional order? Will the region move further toward democracy asin El Salvador, where the FMLN just took Presidential power through theMarch elections, or are we moving back toward an era of repressivemilitary rule. Learn about the different political forces at work inHonduras and how they are playing out through the period leading up toand including the coup. Hear about the consequences for the rest of theregion and what people are hoping to accomplish through the recentvictory in El Salvador. Discuss what the role of the United States hasbeen and what we can do here to support democracy in Central America.

RobertoLovato is also a frequent contributor to The Nation and the HuffingtonPost and his work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the SanFrancisco Chronicle, Salon, Der Spiegel, Utne Magazine, La Opinion, andother national and international media outlets. He is a contributingAssociate Editor with New America Media and can be read at

AudeliaLopez is a coordinating member of the FMLN's National Women'sSecretariat, the body within the party that works for the advancementof female political leadership and the vindication of women's rights.She is also the FMLN's Adjunct Coordinator for the department ofChalatenango in the north of El Salvador, working on strategicdevelopment with Mayors and the FMLN's local organizing efforts, and aSubstitute Deputy to the National Legislative Assembly.

AndresThomas Conteris, founder of Democracy Now! en Espanol, serves as theDirector of the Program on the Americas of Nonviolence Internationaland is active with the International Network for the Abolition ofForeign Military Bases. He is a filmmaker with Raven's Call Productionsand Co-Producer of the award-winning documentary "Hidden in PlainSight."

Co-Sponsors: Committee in Solidarity with the People ofEl Salvador, North America Congress on Latin America and Left TurnMagazine

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