Preliminary Elections Results Are Coming In


It's 11:30 PM, and the CISPES/National Lawyers Guild Observation team is on site in El Salvador accompanying the electoral process that began at 5:00 AM this morning. Voting centers across the country are beginning to finalize the ballot count for representatives to the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), with others well into the National Legislative Assembly and some beginning the final Mayoral ballots.

Observers say that the process of electronically transmitting the final vote count Forms from each voting center to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE)'s central headquarters for analysis is going smoothly and rapidly. The TSE is now communicating the preliminary results of the PARLACEN votes, with results continuing to come in. In the department of San Salvador, for example, the FMLN currently has a 21% lead over ARENA, and nearly 50% in San Miguel, while ARENA is up by 37% in Santa Ana. You can follow the results in real time HERE.

Our observers report that poll workers are tired but dedicated, and are working to maintain a positive and collaborative attitude as the night draws on. In Soyapango, for example, representatives from all parties were sharing coffee, snacks and water, and encouraging one another to keep spirits up. Meanwhile, authorities are calling for patience and assuring the public that the process is proceeding as it should. United Nations Development Program Representative in El Salvador Robert Valent, himself an accredited Elections Observer, congratulated the Salvadoran people for their successful democratic participation and attested to the transparency of the electoral system.

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Photo from Diario CoLatino of Salvadoran police taking over the final vote count center set up in the nation's capitol