Protest against the Public-Private Partnership Law


Original article written by Gerson Chávez and published in Diario El Mundo. A hundred unionists marched to the US Embassy in Santa Elena yesterday to demand that US Ambassador Mari Carmen Aponte cease pressuring for the passage of the Public-Private Partnership Law. According to Wilfredo Berríos, coordinator of the Salvadoran Union Front (FSS), approval of this law would prompt the privatization of health care, water and other public services. He also said that it would generate lay-offs on a grand scale. Yesterday, President Funes' Chief of Staff  denied that the law would result in the privatization of public services. However, the FMLN [leftist political party, Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front] has since requested that the public health care, education and security services be excluded from the public-private partnerships that will be permitted under the law. This demand by the FSS was accompanied by North American representatives of US-based organizations in El Salvador, including the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES). “We are very concerned that the US Ambassador is vigorously pressuring El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly to approve the Public-Private Partnership law, even to the extent that she has threatened the approval of a second Millennium Challenge Corporation project if the Legislative Assembly doesn’t approve this law”, said Rosemary Ramsey, one of the organizational representatives. The members of these US-based organizations also publicly called on the diplomat not to use international aid funding to manipulate processes in El Salvador. On hundred people participated in the protest and no disturbances were recorded. Read more Salvadoran media coverage on this action (Spanish language): News Millenium: Sindicalistas se manifestan ante la ley de asocio público-privado Organizaciones sindicales rechazan Asocio Público-Privado Contrapunto: Se aviva debate por asocios público-privado Diario CoLatino: Ejecutivo asegura que Asocios Públicos-Privados serán un fomento a la inversión

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