Salvadorans blockade Honduras border to protest electoral fraud


On December 19, organized rural communities from El Salvador shut down one of the border crossings with Honduras to resist the illegitimate regime of Juan Orlando Hernández, whom the Honduran Electoral Tribunal officially named the winner of the November 26 presidential election. Watch a video here.

The electoral fraud was so widespread that even the Organization of American States is calling for new elections to be held. Over 20 people have been killed in the past three weeks as state security forces have attacked protests with live ammunition.

As Bernardo Belloso, president of CRIPDES (Asociación para el Desarrollo de El Salvador) said, "We are here on the border to show our solidarity with the Honduran people and moreover, to join their struggle, to defend human rights in the face of the Honduran government's attacks on democracy and on the population."

The U.S. State Department has thus far refused to denounce electoral fraud or state violence. But they have yet to officially recognize Hernández as president so this is a critical moment to mobilize.

Join CISPES in taking action!

1. Call the State Department Honduras desk: (202) 736-7660. Tell them not to recognize the results of the election. (If the mailbox is full, that's a good sign! You can always call again)

2. Call your Representative. Ask them to support a forthcoming letter from Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) calling for an immediate suspension of U.S. aid to Honduras. You can use the Capitol switchboard to be connected: (202) 224-2131

3. Send an email to your Representative and Senators. Tell them to cut aid to this violent regime.

The Salvadoran people know that whatever happens in Honduras affects them directly. In fact, the right-wing is using many of Juan Orlando's tricks, including getting the Supreme Court to change the electoral rules.

To accompany the Salvadoran people during their upcoming legislative elections on March 4, please apply to join the CISPES elections delegation. The deadline to apply is January 8.

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