training ride schedule for solidarity cyclers


mark your calendar for these upcoming solidarity cyclers training rides:

April 7 (contact Burke at burke (at) or 718 832 9399)
April 27 (contact Tom at tom.ricker (at) or 301 922 8909)
May 11 (contact Krista and kristaleehanson (at) or 347 415 0913)
May 18

When: Sundays at 10 am - call to make sure about the time. we'll be stretching and filling water bottles, then departing by 10:10 so arrive on time!

Where: Meet at St. Stephens Church parking lot at the corner of 16th and Newton NW

Where to: We'll do an approximately 20-30 mile loop, different each time

What: Bring water bottles! and be prepared for about a 2-3 hour ride.

Who: Anyone with a bike who's thinking about riding in the solidarity cyclers 3-day ride (may 24-26) is welcome, and any friends and solidarity cycler supporters (pledgers!!!) are welcome to come along too. Call any of the numbers above with questions.

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