Jailed students released, but harsh threats by Saca Administration, U.S. Embassy continue


It's been just over a week since a student protest in San Salvador resulted in violent police repression and two police deaths. The violence, which erupted during a student protest against bus fare hikes, also led to the police occupation of El Salvador's National University (UES) for days, the emergency evacuation of more than 700 people, the capture of between 20 to 30 students, and a university administrator being gravely injured. Over the weekend the students were released from jail due to lack of evidence, the police finally left the university, and on Tuesday a captured union leader was also released. However, the ramifications of last week's repression remain frightening. The Human Right's Office has called the violence instigated by the National Civilian Police (PNC) the "worst violation of human rights since the Peace Accords." And although there was indeed a renegade within the protest that fired at police, social movement organizations, human rights groups, and student groups have all called the government's response an unjustified use of force that represents a serious setback to the 1992 Peace Accords.

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