Critical Resistance 10 Panel Discussion: "Cross-Border Resistance to State Terrorism"



Edited panel discussion with: Yeni Solis,CISPES, native Salvadoran living in San Francisco w/ Alexis Stoumbelis of CISPESfor translation and as moderator; Kiilu Nyasha, former BlackPanther, current activist and radio broadcaster; and Wilson Riles, withthe Black Alliance for Just Immigration. (45 minutes)

The discussion centers around current policingtactics which have evolved as a result of globilization. Alexis posestwo questions for the panel. How have policing tactics changed as aresult of the globalized economy? and, What do we do to organize aneffective resistence within the context of these current conditions?

Yeni speaks articulately about current police tactics in El Salvadorwhich closely resemble (and are imported from) U.S. policing -militarization of the police force since the Peace Accords, repressiveand often violent tactics against the population in the name of wars onyouth gangs, drugs, and other perceived youth violence which, inreality, have nothing to do with these issues. U.S. and Salvadoranactivists are organizing a response to monitor the early 2009presidential elections between the incumbant right-wing Arena PartyPresident and a leftist FMLN challenger, including potential U.S.interference.

Kiilu frames problems of globalization withhistory from her late 60's Black Panther involvement, includingorganizing in New Haven, CT during early 70's unrest in the blackcommunity over issues of poverty and police violence. Wilson speaks inhistorical terms about the need for the U.S. black community to take apro-immigration stance in order to link to other oppressed peoples inthe current political struggles. He discusses newer decentralizedactivist tactics at the "Battle of Seattle". Both speak about gettingbeyond the highly programmed racial divisions in the country to form across-border resistence movement.


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