Voting begins in El Salvador


Voting has begun in El Salvador! The Salvadoran electorate will be choosing members of the Legislative Assembly, Mayors and representatives to the Central American Parliament. CISPES' & the National Lawyers Guild's elections observation team is part of the 1,800 international observers that are monitoring today's elections. They will be present from the opening of each voting center at 5:00 AM until the last ballot is counted late tonight.

Our observers are distributed across multiple voting centers in the Department of San Salvador, in the municipalities of San Salvador, Apopa, Ilopango and Soyapango. During the opening process, they have reported that everything is proceeding normally, with a festive, cooperative and congenial atmosphere between voters, poll workers and party representatives. Most centers experienced typical delays, from 30 minutes to an hour, but all are now open to the public for voting. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day!

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