Articles on US Intervention in 2004, 2009 Salvadoran Presidential Elections


From 2008:

Upside Down World, June 19, 2008 : US Has Central America's Northern Triangle in Its Sights

CISPES Update, June 24, 2008: State Department official announces crime-fighting funds for El Salvador, slanders FMLN party

La Prensa Gráfica, June 6, 2008 - "US Reiterates It Does Not Intend to Influence 2009 Election"EUA reitera que no pretende influir en la elección 2009 

La Prensa Gráfica, June 25, 2008 - "US Concerned about Threat to Free Press and the FARC Case": Amenaza a libre prensa y caso FARC preocupan a EUA 

El Economista, June 24, 2008 - "US Asserts that a Government with Ties to the FARC is Problematic": EEUU asegura que un gobierno que tenga relación con las FARC es problemático

This is a selection from the Upside Down World article above:

In El Salvador, he expressed concern over supposed ties between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas and the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), the former insurgent group that is now the main opposition party in El Salvador and which stands a good chance of winning the presidential elections in 2009, as indicated by opinion polls.

Negroponte based that assertion, made in statements to the local press, on the laptops seized by the Colombian military at the FARC rebel camp that was bombed by Colombia on March 1 in Ecuador.

FMLN spokesman Deputy Sigfrido Reyes refuted Negroponte's allegation, which he said was part of a "dirty war strategy" spurred by the governing rightwing Nationalist Republican Alliance's (ARENA) fears of losing the 2009 elections.

The laptops that reportedly belonged to the FARC have also been used by the Colombian and U.S. governments to accuse left wing presidents Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and Rafael Correa of Ecuador of links to the Colombian insurgents.


Articles in the Salvadoran mainstream press highlighting US intervention in 2004 presidential elections. Election day was March 21, 2004.

El Diario de Hoy, FEBRUARY 7, 2004 - "Noriega Urges [Country] to Make the Best Decision; Differences with FMLN" - Noriega pide tomar la mejor decisión; Diferencias con FMLN

La Prensa Gráfica, FEBRUARY 7, 2004 - "US Congress Agitated Over Salvadoran Elections": Congreso de EUA agitado por elecciones en El Salvador

El Diario de Hoy, MARCH 14, 2004 - "Facing Possible FMLN Government; Suspicion Grows": Ante posible gobierno FMLN; Crece desconfianza

La Prensa Gráfica, MARCH 14, 2004 - "Bush Confidante Vetoes FMLN": Hombre de confianza de Bush veta a FMLN

El Diario de Hoy, MARCH 18, 2004 - Control a remesas; Congresista advierte por el FMLN:

El Diario de Hoy, MARCH 20, 2004 - "President Concerned about the Future of Remittances": Ejecutivo preocupado por el futuro de las remesas

El Diario de Hoy, MARCH 20, 2004 - "US Remittances Run Grave Risk": Corren grave peligro las remesas de EE.UU.

El Diario de Hoy - "Concerns Regarding Threats to Expel Salvadorans": Inquietud por amenaza de expulsión de salvadoreños

El Diario de Hoy - "[US Congresspeople] Threaten to Cancel TPS if Handal is Elected": Amenazan con cancelar TPS si se elige a Handal

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