Stand up for democracy & human rights in Honduras: help free indigenous rights defender Berta Cáceres!


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Since the June 2009 coup that ousted President Zelaya, the powerful Honduran military and elite have enjoyed unflagging US political support and military funding. Outrageously, the US continues to turn a blind eye to the assassinations and detentions  perpetrated by Honduran authorities against the peasant, indigenous, LGBTQ, student and labor leaders calling for democracy and justice in the country. The most recent detention of Berta Cáceres, indigenous rights defender and leader of the grassroots organization COPINH, demonstrates the US government's true colors. Just days before her capture, the US Ambassador to Honduras Lisa Kubiske called on Honduran authorities to prosecute those who instigate land "invasions."While 67% of Hondurans live in poverty and a very small, super-rich elite hold all the land, indigenous and peasant occupations of land can mean survival. The US is standing squarely and shamefully on the wrong side of history.

Tell the US to pressure Honduran authorities to release Berta TODAY!

Many organizations and people have taken action throughout the month. Let's keep up the pressure until she goes free! Special thanks to School of the Americas Watch for coordinating this action alert effort. Read background on the situation from Rights Action here. With the presidential elections set for November 24 in Honduras, the criminalization of social movement leaders has risen. In the climate of violence, corruption and impunity that has blossomed under the coup regime of President Pepe Lobo, those in power are seeking to intimidate the social movements and peoples clamoring for the political change - and an end to the brutal repression - that a democratic election could bring. It's our job to keep the US from openly colluding with the vicious and morally corrupt elites of Latin America, working together to push the agenda of the international and domestic 1% at the expense of the working and poor majority in the Americas. Honduras and El Salvador are critical battlegrounds in this international and domestic struggle today. The support and involvement of the people of the United States backing the Latin American movements for justice and democracy is essential to keeping the US at bay.

The struggle for justice continues!
¡La lucha sigue!

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