May 26-28, 2012 Solidarity Cyclers ride!


Solidarity riders, courageous cyclists, & movement spinners in the DC area unite!

The CISPES 5th Annual Bike Ride Fundraiser Solidarity Cyclers 2012 will take place Memorial Day Weekend, May 26th- May 28th.  Participants will ride along the trails and byways of Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington DC, including beautiful country roads, creeks, and farms!  Registration is closed but you can still donate to the riders!   In addition to a rockin’ fun time with fellow fighters for justice, this is a fundraiser for The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador.  CISPES is a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting the Salvadoran people’s struggle for self-determination and social and economic justice.   For over 30 years we’ve worked to end U.S. economic, political and military intervention in El Salvador. This summer CISPES is launching our new Brigades Program to accompany the amazing changes underway in El Salvador under the first leftist government.  Our collective goal is to raise $10,000 on the ride to help students and young people get down to El Salvador to volunteer with the National Literacy Program which has already helped over 100,000 adults learn how to read and write in just 2 years! Support the cyclers by donating and come out on Memorial day for the welcome back celebration.

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"I am a CISPES supporter because continuing to fight for social justice and a more people-centered country means continuing the dream and sacrifice of thousands of my fellow Salvadorans who died for that vision.” - Padre Carlos, New York City

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