Solidarity Cyclers 2010 - Pedal Power to the People!


Cycling for justice and self-determination in the Americas.

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Join us as we:

-Fight unjust US foreign policy,

-Stop unchecked corporate hegemony, and

-Defend immigrant rights

..and we're going to do it by bicycle!

On October 9th, 10th and 11th 2010, CISPES (The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) and Witness for Peace are teaming up to lead a totally awesome bicycle ride through the countryside around DC, putting our heads together and leading a ride for people who are sick and tired of US militarization and exploitation of Latin America and are ready to hit the proverbial 'road' to change it.

The ride itself will take place over Columbus Day weekend (now oft-referred to as Indigenous People's Day) and will take us along the trails and byways across Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington DC, and will be pedal-powered from start to finish (about 180 miles). Each night we will camp in a beautiful rural location and have support provided by volunteers who will move everyone's supplies and snacks. Along the way you can expect to meet a bunch of other awesome people who care about justice in Latin America, who love cycling and who, maybe like yourself, felt a little bit inspired about doing a none-too-short ride that they never tried before.

Just like any good bike-a-thon we will be helping riders find friends (and maybe even relatives) to sponsor their ride. You'll be like, "Hey it's me! I'm doing this bike ride with these kickass organizations and we're doing it to help fix our screwed-up trade policy with the countries in Latin America and defend immigrant rights. Pretty sweet, right? Well, whadda you say, a dollar a mile? Eh? Eh? I'll be bustin' my butt out there!"

So save the date already! It's October 9-11 2010! Pedal power to the people!

To sign up, visit our website.

For more details or questions, contact Buddy at: [email protected]

BTW we are also looking for support drivers and other volunteers, so keep up informed about anyone you know that might want to help in this capacity!

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Conozca algunas de los donates que hacen posible nuestro labor!

"Apoyo a CISPES porque continuar la lucha para la justicia social y un pais enfocado en el pueblo significa continuar el sueno y sacrificio de miles de mis compatriotas Salvadoreñas que dieron su vida por esta visión. - Padre Carlos, New York City