Alexis Stoumbelis- Organizational Coordinator
As Organizational Coordinator, Alexis leads the integration of our political strategy, programs, fundraising, and local chapter organizing. She first traveled to El Salvador as a college student on a medical delegation, where she was inspired by the labor movement’s successful organizing to defeat health care privatization. In 2004, while working as a case manager, she started volunteering with CISPES in order to join the fight against the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and has since played many roles, from fundraiser to local organizer to National Office staff. She lives in Washington, DC, where she attends All Souls Unitarian church, visits the public libraries, pools and parks as often as possible, and appreciates the growing number of bike lanes criss-crossing the city.

Laura Jean Embree-Lowry
As Program Coordinator, Laura guides the development of our political strategy, coordinates our campaigns and program, and supports local chapter organizing. She first joined CISPES as a Boston chapter volunteer in 2007, then moved to San Salvador for six years where she coordinated CISPES political strategy and program with our Salvadoran partners. Coming from a family of leftist organizers, her dedication to cross-border solidarity is guided by a commitment to social and economic justice, community self-determination and a strong anti-imperialist conviction. Laura enjoys cooking, chatting with neighbors, and reading to her son. She is also interested in anti-racist and class-conscious feminist organizing.

Jed Walsh West Coast Development Coordinator
As the West Coast Development Coordinator, Jed helps lead our fundraising team and is responsible for outreach to our donors on the Pacific coast. He first joined CISPES as a member of our fundraising team in 2013. Since then, Jed has been eagerly learning as much about grassroots fundraising and solidarity work as he can. Outside of CISPES, his major passions are his queer and transgender communities, anti-prison organizing, reading, and going to the park.

David Grosser East Coast Development Coordinator
As the East Coast Development Coordinator, David works with our fundraising team and is responsible for outreach to our donors in the northeast. He got his start in solidarity with the people of El Salvador as a Sister City activist during the country’s Civil War. David then got involved with CISPES and worked as the Boston chapter’s local organizer in the mid-90s. After the neoliberal destruction of university education made his original career goal of becoming a history professor impossible, David chose to get his revenge by helping to build the internationalism necessary to bring down the US Empire. A proud father of three and grandfather of four, he enjoys playing and watching basketball, mountain climbing and listening to rock and roll.

Jacob Blickenov National Organizer
As the National Organizer, Jacob is a part of the fundraising team, supports the development of political strategy and campaign development and supports local chapter organizing. He first got involved with CISPES through the Solidarity Cyclers bicycle fundraiser in 2010 and started working in the National Office in 2011. Before joining CISPES, Jacob was involved in other solidarity and social justice movements both in the U.S. and Latin American. Outside of CISPES Jacob is also involved in the language justice movement and works with a group of community interpreters in Washington D.C. He also loves to go on bike rides, relax with friends, and is learning to take better pictures.

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