Fall 2008 solidarity ride - calling all cyclers!


This fall, your local DC crews of CISPES and Critical Resistance are teaming up to organize the next semi-annual Solidarity Cyclers bike ride!   We will be riding over the three-day Columbus Day weekend, October 11-13.  Our route is still TBA, but we are planning to head east, over towards the Chesapeake Bay and Eastern Maryland, for a little change in scenery.  

Past Solidarity Cyclers rides have been tons of fun and really successful ways to fundraise for gnarly organizations.  We are looking for riders, so please let us know if you are ready to commit to collecting pledges-per-mile, biking hard for three consecutive days, and generally being awesome.  

Cyclers will be fundraising for:

Critical Resistance, a national organization that advocates and organizes for the abolition of prisons.  The DC chapter, which is just starting up, is currently raising money for their local needs, as well as for folks who are traveling to Oakland for the tenth anniversary conference, CR-10.  Check out www.criticalresistance.org for more info. 

CISPES, which works to confront US governmental intervention in Salvadoran internal affairs and to support progressive organizations in El Salvadoran.  With its National Office in DC, CISPES will be raising money for its national fall program, which focuses on the upcoming and pivotal Salvadoran elections this winter.  El Salvador could just be the next Latin American country to elect a progressive government!  Check out www.cispes.org/cyclers.php for info about CISPES and the last Solidarity Cyclers ride.

If you decide to ride:

We are asking that riders try to raise $500 each.  Past riders have found this to be a very attainable goal, and CISPES folks are happy to help riders make their fundraising plans.  Please don't let the numbers stop you from participating; we can make it work!

We are also asking riders to participate in as many training rides as possible.  We will be doing our first one next weekend, September 13 or 14th, and we will let you know the specific info after you officially sign up.

If you have questions or would like to sign up, please contact [email protected] with your name, email, and phone number.  Space is limited, so let us know as soon as possible if you want to ride.  And forward this message on to other folks who might be interested.  

And if you cant ride your bike with us, there are a bunch of other roles that we need folks to fill, including but not limited to: support car drivers and passengers, party planners for our welcome-home shin-dig on Oct. 13th, etc.  Contact Rebecca if you want to help in any of these non-riding capacities.

And for those who cant take on any roles, mark your calendar for that victory party on the 13th.  We would love to see lots of supportive faces at the finish line!



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