Unidos para 2009: The Struggle 4 Democracy in El Salvador


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Dialog & film screenings with Oscar Torres the writer & producer of the film: Innocent Voices (Voces Inocentes)

  • Democracy is still under attack in El Salvador
  • U.S. Intervention & fraud is very present as Salvadorians prepare to vote in this historic elections
  • International Solidarity is needed to Support & Defend REAL democracy in El Salvador



«The US Gov is working hard to prevent El Salvador from going left

 Join LA CISPES as we continue the work of Don White by kicking off the campaign to Defend the Right to Free and Fair Elections in El Salvador!

      Date: Nov 22, 2008

      Time:  12:30-3:30pm                                  

 Location: Salon Acapulco

1929 S Los Angeles Street 90021                

SLIDING SCALE DONATION. No one turned away for lack of funds

Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
LA CISPES INFO: [email protected] 213 700-2460                 

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"I am a CISPES supporter because continuing to fight for social justice and a more people-centered country means continuing the dream and sacrifice of thousands of my fellow Salvadorans who died for that vision.” - Padre Carlos, New York City

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